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coffee plantation problems in slave Brazil

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2013  |  30 Views
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Hi, I see you have asked this question several times.  Perhaps if you explained in more detail what you need or what you did not find in the results from the previous answers we would be able to help you.  If you found articles or books that we do not own, we can help you get them from other libraries.  If none of the results were what you were looking for, please tell us why so we can better understand what you want.  

If you are writing a paper, you could provide us with your thesis statement.  Or elaborate on what problems are you looking for that you are not finding in the results from the previous answers.   

Don't forget you can come in to the library or call and ask to speak with a librarian.  This might be the quickest way to resolve your question. 

Looking forward to solving this question .....


Answered by David Kohut

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